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About Kedz Covers

My name is Katrina Elisabeth Diel and I am ten years old.  I was diagnosed July 2012 with Type 1 diabetes.   After 8 painful months of injections, in March 2013 I switched to delivering my insulin using the new generation OmniPod® pump.  I am very active with dance and swimming so OmniPod® was the best choice for me.

Once I got used to wearing the pump I deciKatrina Diel Dancingded it would look cool if it could be a fun color to match the clothes I was wearing!  With my parents’ permission, I searched the internet for some decorative products that would snap over the top of my pod, but found nothing except stickers.


While brainstorming in preparation for my 5th grade invention convention project, I came up with the idea of creating a decorative cover that would fit over the new generation OmniPod® which would not have to be thrown away every 3 days when I replaced my pump.   From that idea, my dad helped me to form KEDZ COVERS Inc. ™ and we came up with a design.


While I was designing the company logo, my dad found an engineering company to make a prototype and a manufacturing company that could produce the final product.  We first started off by making several 3D printer prototypes to get the correct fit. These KEDZ Covers™ are made by plastic injection molding machines, from polypropylene plastic. 


The cover fits conveniently over the second generation OmniPod® without interfering with the functioning or adding weight to the pod.  We are currently making them in 4 fun colors which are pink, blue, green and red. We hope to add additional colors soon. 


Make wearing your OmniPod fun!


Katrina Diel



Kedz Covers, Inc.
207 Lincoln Avenue
Barrington, Rhode Island 02806-2940